Create Reusable Meal Plans With Templates

features May 11, 2020

One of the benefits of using Foodzilla is saving time and having our system do the repetitive tasks for you. Creating reusable meal plans for a group of clients is useful because it saves you time from having to do similar meal plans from scratch.

You can easily generate a meal plan from an existing template. With Foodzilla, we have the concept of a meal plan template. A template is a way of setting up a meal plan that can be reused for many clients. You can easily configure how often the meal plan is repeated, any notes associated with it, recipes for each day and so on.

A recipe template page. Note the period can be any number of days up to 60 days.

These templates can also be shared with your colleagues, so all of you can save time when creating meal plans. Finally, these meal plans can be sent to the client instantly (which they will receive via our mobile app) or printed/emailed to them.

For example, we can create an IBS template that we can reuse with clients who suffer from IBS. We create the template once, and reuse it on three different clients. We can of course adjust each meal plan to fit the individual's needs as well.

Using our flexible system, you can create many variations for how you want your meal plans to be repeated. You can also assign multiple meal plans for the same client. Foodzilla's meal planner is the most advanced meal planning software in the market. There are no limits to what you can achieve with Foodzilla.

Visit our meal plan template guides to learn more about using templates in Foodzilla. The templates feature is available on the Starter and Professional plans. If you have any questions, let us know by clicking on the green chat bubble.

Mo Basim

Hi! I work at Foodzilla building the world's first nutrition platform powered by AI. Get started with 30-days free trial at

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