Increase Client Retention and Revenue With Foodzilla

tips Jun 30, 2020

Client retention rate is the percentage of clients that stay with you relative to the ones that decide to leave. In business, there is a cost to acquiring new clients, this is called the client acquisition cost (CAC) and it is much more expensive to acquire new customers compared to keeping existing ones.

If you're not just starting out and have existing clients, improving the client retention rate is what you should focus on and here's why:

Now that we know how valuable increasing the retention rate is, let's talk about how Foodzilla helps your business do that.

Personalised Engagement

Foodzilla provides a free mobile app for your clients which unlocks important features to increase client-coach engagements. We do this by enabling Live Chat and Notifications so you can:

  • Message your clients about their recent workout session, nutrition plan, motivate them to achieve their goals.
  • Set automated alerts to remind them about an upcoming session, meal plan updates, upcoming challenges and more.
  • Share success together with pictures and personalised voice messages.

Personalised Meal Plans

Offer a premium personalised meal plan experience to your clients compared to traditional methods. As their coach, you can:

  • Create personalised meal plans to match their body profile, workout, metabolism and any other metrics you see relevant.
  • Update their meal plans in real-time and see their progress as they work toward achieving their goals.
  • Distribute these meal plans to your clients either through the Foodzilla mobile app (recommended), by emails, or by printing them.
  • Our 100,000 recipes database allows you to create meal plans to match any health, calorie, or diet requirements your clients may have or create your own recipes.

Proactive Nutrition Management

Provide a hassle-free nutrition management experience to your clients so they can focus on eating well, exercising, and following your plan. Here's how we do that:

  • Your clients can log their food by just taking pictures. Our mobile app uses technology to understand what's in the picture and sends all the nutrition data to you (their coach).
  • As their coach, you can log meals on your clients behalf so they don't even need to open our mobile app or log meals at all.
  • We sync all their exercise data from fitness devices such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Polar devices automatically so your clients don't need to log anything manually.
  • Set automated food logging for meals that you know your client is repeatedly eating or drinking over a period of time.
  • See detailed nutrition and exercise progress reports to easily spot things missing from their diet or workouts.

As you can see, with Foodzilla, you can increase your client retention rates and increase revenue by offering a premium service, meal plans, and personalised engagements with your clients.

You can signup today at and get a 30-days free trial. Talk to us by pressing on the bottom right "chat-bubble" should you have any questions.

Mo Basim

Hi! I work at Foodzilla building the world's first nutrition platform powered by AI. Get started with 30-days free trial at

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