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tips May 11, 2020

The old way of physically meeting clients and manually tracking their nutrition progress is becoming less popular these days as remote work is becoming necessary and more convenient. Foodzilla provides a better solution to client management and progress tracking. A way that saves you time, improves client retention rates and helps you grow your business.

As more services become completely online, people will start demanding their nutrition coach and practitioners to be an online service as well. We can see most practices are now forced to be online due to COVID-19 to meet their client demands. COVID accelerated the move to an online future and Foodzilla is here to help you transition into a completely online service.

Here's how Foodzilla helps you transition to an online service:

  • Offering a free mobile app for your clients so they can communicate and sync their nutrition intake and exercises with you.
  • Collecting nutrition and exercise data and visualizing it by time periods to help you make sense of the data and spot nutrients missing from their diet easily.
  • Providing a web-based application for you to manage your clients' nutrition and communicate directly with them. You can also create recipes and meal plans and send them to your clients instantly.
  • Setting nutrition and exercise goals for your clients which will reflect in their mobile app.
  • Storing all your recipes and meal plans online so you can access them from any device and any location.
  • Enabling collaboration features such as sharing recipes and meal plan templates with your team so you can save time and manage clients efficiently together

Take Foodzilla for a spin yourself, it only takes few seconds to signup and get started with a 30-days free trial. No payment information needed. Try all features free for 30-days and only after that you can enter your billing details. We also provide getting started guides and tutorials.

If you have any questions, you can talk to us directly via the green chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

Mo Basim

Hi! I work at Foodzilla building the world's first nutrition platform powered by AI. Get started with 30-days free trial at

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